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  • mrjbrca
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  • JamesDow

    Tested propane generator with AC on high and Norcold refrigerator
    All ran fine. 1 lb. of propane ran things for 2 hours and 36 minutes
    Writeup will be under Forum "Propane Generator -- Advice? Ideas? Concerns?"

    May 15
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    May 12
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    April 29
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    April 25
  • tknabel1

    Hi! Has anyone connected a power bank(like Anker, Jackery or EcoFlow) to the solar panels on a 2022 [email protected]? If so, how did you do it? Or, if you haven't and know how, how would you do it?

    Very New Tom

    April 23
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      You have posted to your own wall. If you wish to reach out to the membership, go to the Home page and start a New Discussion. Avoid using the large Activity box in your own profile as you end up messaging yourself.

      Sharon - Administrator

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    April 21
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    April 18
  • Landpaddler

    What size Norcold fridge did you buy? We have the 2021 Tagxl but the dimensions of the fridge on the current Norcold site are too large. Thanks!

    April 17
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    April 16
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    April 14
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    April 7
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    April 6
  • EasternSierraRoamer

    Good afternoon, hope this post finds you well. I have a quick question about your propane solenoid mod. I noticed you added a toggle switch. Are both of the wires that you snipped from the strut mechanism positive wires? I have installed switches in the interior cabin to disable both the radio head unit and the television. In the radio head unit example, I just used the 12 volt positive trailer wire and head unit positive wire installed female crimps and connected to a 12 volt switch. I am assuming it is the same process for the lp solenoid - snip the wire at the hatch strut, strip and crimp the wires, connect to a switch. Just not sure if the solenoid switch at the hatch strut are both positive wires. Thanks for your assistance. Happy travels, Doug

    April 6
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    April 5
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