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  • MikeRog

    Hey James
    Thanks for getting back.
    I was not aware that the Little Buddy was adjustable
    Can you give me more info

    September 20
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    September 20
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  • MontanaDryflyguy

    I also have a 2021 TAG Xl. The refrigerator looks great! What is the Brand and model number, please? Thanks

    September 12
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    September 11
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  • davejs06

    Boondock XL

    6 ft wide. I don’t remember the terms lite or edge associated with it.

    August 25
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      I found your post on the public wall which the forum administrators moderate. Please note to never use the large Activity box on your account as you only send a message to yourself. That message area is to be used to send another member a message. If you wish to communicate with a member, please go to their profile page by tapping on their name and start a message in their Activity box.
      Sharon - TaG Forum Moderator

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  • carol0454

    Hi James,

    After reading your comments on my query about solar power on the forum I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you this way.

    I didn't really clarify what I'm needing. I don't care at all about the microwave & at this point have no need for AC. But right now I can't run my heater off the battery & I am interested in a refrigerator.

    Can your 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery and 100 watt solar panel suitcase do that? And any chance you have photos of it?

    Thanks for your help!!!

    July 28
    • JamesDow

      A 100AH battery can run the refrigerator (50 watts) with no problems. Running a heater (1000+ watts) would be problematic.
      Go ahead and search the forum under "lithium" and/or "solar" to find more information and photos.

  • SunnyAunt

    Hi James
    I see from your signature that you are in San Diego. We live in North County, and have a 2018 [email protected] XL Outback. We are wanting to order parts and wondered if you had any recommendations?
    Thank you

    August 16
    • JamesDow

      I live in Rancho Penasquitos.
      So far, I have not found the need to order any parts for my 2018 [email protected] That is not to say I have not gotten parts, just not from the dealer.
      I work very hard not to permanently alter my [email protected] and to keep it as near to original as possible.
      To date, I have been able to find identical replacement parts, either on Amazon or via Ebay. The one "Dealer" I have gone to was Little Guy Trailers (8148 Ronson Rd).
      I found them not very helpful for any post sales assistance. literally they just walked away once they found out that I had purchased a used [email protected] from a private party.
      When I search for the nearest dealer on the Nucamp web site it brings up three Tom's Camperland sites in Arizona.
      If you search for a dealer using a Los Angeles Zip Code it gives three options (Tom's and SCATT Recreation in Salinas CA.
      It sounds as if there are no official dealers near Southern California.
      When I have used Google Maps to look at some of the dealer sites, I found them to be little hole in the wall establishments. Some you could not even see a trailer in site.

      If you search "parts" on this forum it has many discussions on reliable dealers for ordering parts.
      It sounds as if you order parts through the Nucamp dealer and then the dealer orders them and has them dropped shipped to your address.
      I would contact Nucamp customer service (330)852-4811 or use [email protected] to contact them.
      Do you have a specific part you are looking for?

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    August 20
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    August 19