Selling and Buying Rules and Guidelines (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING ADS!)

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Members may list personal campers and related equipment “For Sale” on the forum. Please adhere to the following guidelines when posting ads and conducting transactions.

  • For Sale Categories: Separate categories are provided for listing trailers and associated accessories. Please post your item in the appropriate category.
  • Allowable Items: Only T@B trailers and items specifically designed for or compatible with T@B trailers may be listed. Moderators reserve the right to delete listings that do not meet acceptable criteria.
  • Photos: You MUST re-size all photos posted prior to adding them in to your ad. Large photos disrupt forum page loading and we will remove photos that are too large and that disrupt the forum operation. Please refer to our photo size requirements here.
  • Posting an Ad: Ads should include a description, photo(s), and asking price. Contact information MUST be included such as a phone number, email address, etc., or the seller may request contact through the forum via private message. Ads must be complete and contain“no references or links to ads from external sites such as Craigslist, Facebook, Ebay, etc. or they will be promptly removed!
  • Removing an Ad: Once an item is sold or no longer available, please add “SOLD” to your title so the post can be removed. Ads older than three months will also be removed.
  • Transactions: All transactions are solely between the seller and the buyer, including price negotiations, shipping costs and arrangements, and settling of disputes. Such discussions should be handled via private message or other personal communication and not carried out on the forum. nüCamp, its associates, and forum moderators accept no responsibility or liability for managing or mediating transactions between sellers and buyer.
  • Commercial or Business Related Listings: Listing of items for commercial or business related purposes—whether one’s own or someone else’s—is strictly prohibited. Any postings determined to be of a commercial or business related nature will be deleted.
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