PLEASE Re-size ALL photos uploaded to the forum!

nuCampnuCamp Administrator Posts: 32
edited October 2017 in Help - Computer & System

Forum members, PLEASE RE-SIZE ALL PHOTOS before attaching them to discussions. Smart phone & smart device photos are very large and are causing discussion threads to crash. PLEASE, take the necessary time to re-size/crop your photos before you post them to forum discussions as this will benefit everyone and allow forum pages to load up and display properly and without inconveniencing others.

General re-size guidelines are as follows:

For "landscape" shots - please limit your photos to between 700-800 pixels wide.

For "vertical" shots - please limit the photo size to between 600-700 pixels tall.

Here is a link to a simple and free photo re-size site that can be used with Windows based operating systems.

If you follow the guidelines above it will make everyone's life easier and allow members to enjoy your photos too.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!


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