2021 [email protected] with boondock package fit in 7' Garage?

Hey I'm looking at getting a 2021 [email protected] with the Boondock package. I need to store it in my 84" Garage. I see that the Boondock package adds an extra 11" to the height. Bringing it to 87". 3" too tall. Just to be extra safe I need to shave off 4" to get it to fit. If I remove the roof rack how many inches will that save me and can I get it down to where I need it to be by letting some air out of the tires?



  • beakybeaky Member Posts: 172

    just let the air out of your tires when your are storing

  • Dr_DoomDr_Doom Member Posts: 37

    I have a 2020 Boondock, and my garage is the same 84" height. The rack will fit but the awning will not.

    The awning is very easy to remove. When we get home we simply take the awning off and back it into our garage.

    No need to work about airing down the tires.

    2020 Tag XL Boondock, 2015 Toyota 4Runner, Northern California

  • DonkeythekiddDonkeythekidd Member Posts: 18

    So I made the 6 1/2 hour drive from California to Arizona to check one out in person and measure it. From the bottom to the highest point on the rack (didn't have an awning attached) was only 80". I measured about 10 times, checking both sides, looking up top to see if I was missing something and even had the sales guy measure with me, only 80". This was one with the Boondook package. Not sure why the website was over by 7" 🤔 But happy I wouldn't have to mess with anything to get it in my garage, I drove off with it 😁

  • DonkeythekiddDonkeythekidd Member Posts: 18

    I just checked there website again and it looks like I was checking the specs on the 2020. I found the specs on the 2021 and it shows 80" tall

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