Largest battery for TaG Boondock

I am researching for a fellow TaG owner. What is the largest AGM battery that will fit in the tub without modification? TIA

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    @Sharon_is_SAM after having the LiFePO4 for a while now I would not go back to lead. 100 ah and only 31 lbs.

    All the calculations show it can’t work. There’s only one thing to do: make it work.

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    It depends what your friend is looking for. Ask your friend the following questions and it would help people give a better answer.

    What is your budget?
    What type of battery do you want? Lead Acid, AGM, Lithium?
    What is their tow vehicle? Is weight an issue?
    12v or 6v?
    Single batter or dual battery setup?

    The tongue box on the Boondock has a decent amount of room to upgrade even if you keep the 20lb propane tank.

    If they just want a simple (and cheap) battery that they could buy anywhere then a group 31 is probably the biggest size that would easily fit. 105ah (vs 75 for the typical OEM group 24). Should cost around $130

    Another option is to get a 12v industrial/golf cart battery that come in larger sizes from a battery dealer. Something like a group-gc12 (150AH) would double your AH for under $200.

    Another thing to strongly consider is solar. Even a large battery will eventually die, and without something to charge it back up it will be useless.

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    get a lithium, lighter and massive reserves

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    @CampHub - with the lithium, do you need to change the converter?

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    I did not. I top off my lithium when I have shore power with small trickle charger out in the woods we have a solar suit case that has lithium settings but only if we are planning on a long stay. Good Luck!

    All the calculations show it can’t work. There’s only one thing to do: make it work.

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    You should not need to change out the converter in the [email protected]
    As for a solar system - most charge controllers for solar have a a selection for the battery type.

    Most lithium batteries have a built in battery protection system that protects the cells and keeps battery running at peak performance.

    The WFCO controller manual for my [email protected] (WF-8725) states the following:

    The three modes/stages of operation include:
    Absorption mode/Normal operation
    Nominal battery charge and supplies power to appliances
    Bulk mode/Charge mode
    Fast battery charge and supplies power to appliances
    Float mode/Trickle charge
    Trickle battery charge during storage

    Absorption Mode: During this mode, the converter output is in the
    13.6 Vdc range. This is the normal operation mode. This mode provides
    the l2 Vdc and current required by the 12Ydc RV appliances, as well as
    slow charging the battery.
    Bulk Mode: In this mode, the output voltage of the converter will switch
    Io 14.4 Vdc range for a maximum of four hours. If the converter cycles
    between "Absorption and Bulk mode," there could be a shorted battery
    cell or other issues.
    Float Mode: In this mode, the converter is charging the battery with a
    trickle voltage of 13.2 Vdc range. When the converter senses a demand
    (by turning on lights), the converter automatically retuns to the
    "Absorption mode".

  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Moderator Posts: 329

    Ok, how about a 100 amp AGM battery? Will that fit in the tub without modification? Her budget is $300.

    TV is a 2016 Wrangler/Sahara - max tow capacity is 2000 lbs. Unknown tongue weight, but carries nothing extra in the TaG or in the tub. Plans to get solar, too.

    So, what group size 100 amp AGM will be an easy swap?

    Sharon | Westlake, Ohio | 2017 TaB CSS

  • JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 261

    My answer would be yes.
    AGM batteries are not significantly larger. And the price rannge is in budget.

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    I think most tag battery boxes are sized for a group 24 battery. Please correct me if I'm wrong..

  • OutdoorEdOutdoorEd Member Posts: 91

    I just fit a group 31 in my [email protected] No problem.

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    Same here with a GRP 31 and the full size propane bottle. I had to trim some of the lid on the NOCO box, but it definitely fits.

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    I saw a YouTube video of someone with an older [email protected] that installed (2) 6 volt batteries in series and got over 1 week of service before needing a charge, compared to 3 days on a 12 volt.

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