Skunk & Coon no more

JohnnyLocoJohnnyLoco Member Posts: 198

I sprinkled heavily Cayenne pepper (big containers) around the camp area, truck, trailer, in bed of truck, and sprayed fox urine around the same way. A perimeter, then targeted.

It kept critters out, good sleep, no muddy coon prints all over our stuff.


  • GigHarborTomGigHarborTom Member Posts: 271

    Need to find a friendly fox I guess.

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  • LuckyJLuckyJ Member Posts: 1,240

    We have dogs, I think the have enough smell that is does the trick. 😉

  • TimandCarolynTimandCarolyn Member Posts: 1

    We have never camped in Arizona/New Mexico and are heading there mid April. This may be a dumb question, but when you "gotta go" at night do you have to worry about venomous spiders, scorpions etc when getting out of the trailer? Being from the Great Lakes, we're usually worried about blackflies and mosquitoes getting in. I have no idea how prevalent the venomous stuff is...

  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Administrator Posts: 622

    Scorpions are nocturnal, so active at night. Shake out your shoes before putting them on. We are soon headed west for some of the winter and I am more worried about pack rats chewing wires than scorpions😂. I have a plethora of small, flat flashlights to put under the TaB and minivan and in the engine compartment of the van. 🤞

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  • AZTagAZTag Member Posts: 11

    Just put your shoes on first (after shaking them out). But you're unlikely to encounter scorpions or spiders anyway. Plus shoes protect you from thorns which are far more prevalent than spiders. More important things to watch for are snakes, which may not be out in April in higher elevations but might be out in lower elevations if the temps are warm. Snakes aren't going to come after you! Just leave them alone when you spot them with your flashlight while "doing your business". Enjoy AZ & NM! And bring your sunscreen... ;)

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