[email protected] inside wee-wee potty

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For in trailer nighttime or on-road quik stop use, I personally use a 32 ounce camelbak bottle on my knees. For the wife I devised a sitdown toilet seat into an 11” funnel with a tube going through the floor, it was to be hinged to the back wall with a front support leg that would rest between the mattresses with a large foot to spread the weight on the floor. I bought all the components and was ready to roll.

Anyway, the wife didn’t want me to go to that trouble because she gets on her knees to use this other (3pc) female urinal bottle thing and it works but I made the system better. Spillage was always a possibility fumbling around at night.

I got this device, ran tube through the floor so it can run on the ground or a bucket. This thing is one piece, handle hangs on back wall in upright position, pee goes down the tube.

Also, if you spray some fox urine in the bucket underneath the trailer, it keeps skunks, possums, and coons away.



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