Windows: Awnings, shades and screens

Blind Adjustment and Storage


Directions and video for adjusting the shade/screens.

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Posted by: CharlieNY

There is a way to adjust the tension. If you look at the picture you will see a little screw that is have circled in red. Pop off the the little corner at the bottom of each side to access the the screw. There is a screw on each side of the window. Tighten the screw to adjust the tension.

There is a lot of information in this link as well.!AFBCFuVZQDMqKuU&id=6952E6E2E9104218!2174&cid=6952E6E2E9104218

This video is for re-stringing the blind!AhhCEOni5lJpkHNp9wbjUC2fxbqR

For towing or storage we recommend having the blinds/screen open (windows uncovered). If you leave the blinds/screens closed they can start to lose their form over time.

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