2022 Plans for travel or mods or??

zgfiredudezgfiredude Member Posts: 152

What are everyone's plans for 2022? Travel Plans? Modification plans?

We've got several outings loosely on the calendar. Late March down by Moab, April out to Dinosaur Nat'l Park, May either Buena Vista area or perhaps an overlanding route I'm building up in SW Wyoming, June perhaps do the Colorado Backcountry Discovery route north to south, July hang out at the local state park reservoir for some paddle boarding and late August/early September I want to go to Silverton and play around on the Alpine Loop. This is all Colorado-ish, as that's where we live. We are sick and tired of being cooped up and we are gettin' out!

I did some fender reinforcing mods and added a rear receiver hitch (for the bike rack/mountain bikes), and I'm going to add a Lagun swivel table mount to the rear sides by the kitchen....oh, and I scored a Froli system that I put in. Can't wait to get back out there!

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  • Bob297Bob297 Member Posts: 147

    Selling mine this spring. No more camping for us. Not the same anymore—crowded, dirty, too…..I can go on for hours. DW & I agree. We did all our touring and camping when we were younger, healthier and things were much, much less expensive and everyone we met were like family. NEVER had to worry about anything being stolen.

  • zgfiredudezgfiredude Member Posts: 152

    Wow, sorry you've lost the love....but understand. Best of luck in whatever comes next.

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  • HikinMikeHikinMike Member Posts: 391

    Possible destinations this year include Palo Duro Canyon SP, Caprock Canyons SP, and Lake Mineral Wells SP. Yep, all Texas since that is where we are. We also want to do some overlanding and boondocking but haven't chosen a destination.

    Since last season I've purchased a generator, a solar panel suitcase and a Mr. Heater Big Buddy. I plan to buy an EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station soon. These are all things I use as emergency backups for my house but can also be used with the trailer.

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  • HellFishHellFish Member Posts: 131

    Henry Horton in April...Nashville/Jack Daniels distillery.

    McKinney Falls, Palo Duro Canyon in May. Austin, Lockhart BBQ.

    Lake Sangchris with Illinois Tearjerkers in June.

    Ref bob297's comments. I feel his pain. Camping has changed for the worse in general I'd say since we got our [email protected] in 2014. From finding reservations to inconsiderate campers to covid concerns/complications...the whole enterprise has been tarnished somewhat. But, when it's good it's really good, so we're gonna give 2022 a try. Fingers crossed.

  • JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 504
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    Just starting to get some plans, reservations and permits in place.
    Already have reservations (Navajo tour) for Antelope Canyon, AZ. Looking at attempting (lottery system) to get permit for Coyote Buttes North (The Wave), AZ. Maybe reservation at Wahweap RV & Campground, AZ to use as a home base with electrical (needed for dog during the day).
    As for timing, may hit Mt Laguna, CA (BLM) area sometime March.
    Look to hit Senator Wash, CA (BLM) sometime in May with neighbor who has a new 18' Airstream Basecamp trailer. May also tent camp at Picacho State Recreation Area May/June.
    Then onto summer (June).
    Phonix, Sedona area, Wahweap, Horseshoe Bend, The Wave, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, ...
    Will likely take my inflatable tandem kayak (45lbs), not so sure about taking my propane generator (26lbs) or screened in camp shelter (Clam) (20lbs).
    The new camp items I will be trying out include a Renogy Phoenix 300 Power Station, Renogy E.Flex 50 Portable Solar Panel. Hope not to try out the Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder (1363118) that I will include just in case of trailer failures involving windows. Still on my watch list are the screws that hold the slider for my refrigerator. Fixed them from backing out and jamming the mechanism with silicon.
    Have a great 2022!

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    Jim, we went down in The Wave region last fall, It's awesome, the whole area in that south central Utah region is super nice. You'll have a blast!!

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  • jrhameljrhamel Member Posts: 9

    We just downsized from a Tab 400, sold the 400 in August and bought a Tag XL Boondock in January. It will be an interesting transition. We are leaving Wisconsin on March 3rd to meet up with family for a week in Sedona then on to New Mexico for another week or so, not sure after that. Will be on the road for at least a month while our kitchen is being remodeled. Possibly a summer trip to Black Hills and Wisconsin state parks.
    Mods include removing microwave and AC and adding cabinets in their place, we mostly dry camp. Install my Renogy 1000w inverter and try out our Aero Archaus tent. We have the factory installed solar and a 200 watt suitcase from the 400, wish I would have bought a 100 watt instead, oh well.
    Looking forward to getting out with the Tag for the first time with out any issues.

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  • MrGGBrownMrGGBrown Member Posts: 37

    We have reservations to take our [email protected] on the Alaska ferry out of Bellingham, WA. We're stopping/camping in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway before driving back to Seattle on the AlCan highway. I've been wanting to do this for years. It is unreasonably expensive to take the car/trailer on the ferry, but it's a bucket list item for me. We'll be tent camping on the ferry deck on the way up to Ketchikan because there are regulations against being on the car deck during travel, so we can't sleep in the trailer. Hopefully we won't have any mechanical issues with either the car or [email protected]
    We're also planning on driving cross-country from Seattle to Florida and want to stop in the Lake of the Ozarks (we're huge fans of the Netflix Ozark show). Any suggestions on best places to camp and experience the lake?

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  • TommyOTommyO Member Posts: 1

    Just got my Boondock XL. First trailer for me and the wife after lots of tent camping. We have to figure out what to do and where to go -- and where we can get reservations to stay. So happy to have found this forum.

  • JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 504
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    When I got my used 2018, I never put away my tent. The trailer was in addition to. Going to Colorado River in April. This trip is almost always tent. Neighbor drives. Makes life easy. Then early May is trailer. June trailer . . . then . . .

  • ahbradfordahbradford Member Posts: 14

    We were tired of playing the campground game, so we actually just bought a wonderful plot of land to do most of our camping on. Then we can branch out from there.

  • FroggerFrogger Member Posts: 155

    @ahbradford said:
    We were tired of playing the campground game, so we actually just bought a wonderful plot of land to do most of our camping on. Then we can branch out from there.

    Looking to do the same, hoping to find a 5-10 acre spot...

  • LandpaddlerLandpaddler Member Posts: 4

    Boondocking San Rafael Swell is our first trip this spring. Taking bikes and hiking shoes. There is a fun river there in the spring but probably not enough snow this year.

  • zgfiredudezgfiredude Member Posts: 152

    Sweet, I love the Swell! What parts? Above or below I-70?

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  • LandpaddlerLandpaddler Member Posts: 4

    North. Camped at Bridge south. Hiked in Pine and Calf Canyons, visited the Wedge Overlook and rode our bikes down Mexican Mountain Road.

  • GigHarborTomGigHarborTom Member Posts: 272

    Will do a couple Mountain Man Rondys. Most likely with my primative Wedge tent and awning. Getting kind of old and crotchety for setting up etc. Wifey is going to Spain on a Camino De Santiago trek. Lots of walking. The pup and I will batch it. Bounce around some of our Washington State favorite camps. Tacoma City Light Parks, Couple nites at Kalama McMinemans Lodge on the Columbia. Nice walking along the water. Bainbridge Island Park. Westport etc. All three of us will be Dog sitting at a lake cabin near Shelton WA., once for 2 weeks, and a couple long weekends. Was planning on a Ronevous Grub Shoot for three nights this weekend but it looks like serious rain all weekend. Oh well we have all the gear checked out . Might head down the coast some time. Really want to hit SanDiego again before I fall on my sword.

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  • SpeckmanSpeckman Member Posts: 9

    We are heading out next week for a 3 month trip from Louisiana up the east coast to Maine. We will detour over to ucamp 22 and hope to meet everyone.

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