Single running light on.

I have a single light that is one when I am hooked to shore power. It is one of the 3 red lights above the rear hatch on my TAG XL2018. I am sure it is not suppose to be on, but I am unsure how to trouble shoot this issue. I have never noticed this before. New to owing an RV.


  • HellFishHellFish Member Posts: 132

    Years ago I saw that one of my [email protected]'s brake/turn signal lights was on while the trailer was not connected to any external power. Turned out that water in the trailer's 7 pin connector caused a short that routed battery power to the light. I spun the cord around a few times so centrifical force forced the water out of the plug and then blew on the connector to remove any remaining water. The light went out and I now store the plug in a way that water cannot collect in it or the cap that is supposed to protect the plug's contacts.

    Michigan Mike remarked that he had heard of the same thing happening to some other folks and drying the plug solved the problem.

    Don't know if you are in wet conditions, but your problem might have a very simple solution.

    As with all things electric, who knows? There are a thousand ways for things to short out.

    Good your eventual solution to this problem please.

  • konjurerkonjurer Member Posts: 5

    Had this happen over the weekend. All three running lights on the back were on, although dimly. Thought it may be a feature I didn't know about. The night it happened it rained very hard. The next night these lights were no longer on.

  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Administrator Posts: 546

    The damp 7 pin is the culprit. This just happened to the led running lights of a TaB owner at uCamp. It resolved after a period of dry heat.

    Sharon | Westlake, Ohio | 2017 TaB CSS

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