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Haven't been on for awhile. The winter was busy for us with other projects and a bit of traveling.

Here's a Cub Cadet garden tractor we turned into a bulldozer. Works better for snow than our wheeled tractor. My son loves it.

I just returned from a few days of camping down on the Black River in Wi. Weather was cold and nasty but the trailer worked great. Kept me warm and dry over the trip with no issues. The new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk pulls the [email protected] just fine and returns about 16 mpg.

Backed up to the Black River. Fishing was terrible but the birding and solitude were nice. There was 1 other camper with a couple of turkey hunters but otherwise didn't see a soul.

I haven't kept up with the current camping buzzwords but this campsite was without power or water. Pit toilets. It's the longest cold-weather camping I've done without plug-in electric. I used my diesel heater extensively and entertained myself in the evenings with the Apple onboard computer and cellular modem. My group 27 deep cycle had no issues keeping up. I charged it every morning with my Jeep for 20 minutes and it never fell below 12.4 volts.

After two years of negotiations, we bought a new camper:

It's a Sunray 149 Sport. 2,340 lbs dry and narrow enough to satisfy me. The usual equipment. It does have a "ladies room", which is what all the negotiations were about. After two years of butting heads over campers, we've come up with what we hope will be an acceptable compromise. It was this model or the Little Guy Mini Max for me. There's really nothing else on the market I would consider. This one was cheaper than the mini max and sleeps 3 so....boom....done....

For now, I'm keeping the [email protected] as there's simply no other trailer anywhere that will keep me warm and dry and entertained. I'll be posting it for sale at some point and am considering either consignment (or just giving it to my oldest boy), but that's to keep the Mrs happy. If it doesn't sell, I'll keep using it for my solo adventures and more rugged trips. I'll be getting started on a "few" upgrades to the 149 right away. The awning, roof rack and cheapo roof vent will have to go. I'll order a Maxfan deluxe and stuff it in there ASAP. I'm planning to take it out this weekend for a break-in camp locally and will get a better idea of how much work it'll need to bring it up to spec.

So for now I'll keep both. I'll keep you informed...

"When I am in charge, Starburst brand fruit chews will get their own food group....and where are all the freakin laser beams? There should be more laser beams..."

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