New Owners of Older [email protected]

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My wife and I had been looking at teardrops for quite a while and kept putting it off; partly because of being unsure how much we'd actually use it to buy new (especially considering some makes cost upwards of $40k). Then we found a 2015 [email protected] at a dealership for a good price and picked it up. Name TBD (there's a split in the family between two names).

We've spent the last few weekends cleaning, testing, and setting everything up. We're heading out for a short test run this weekend to a relatively close state park, in a not necessarily ideal forecast, but should be fun nevertheless.

I know I'll be hitting folks up for information (I cannot find a manual for this model year anywhere), probably first regarding the battery and connecting solar panels. But I'll save that for after this weekend and after I've had a chance to search these forums.

2015 [email protected]


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