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Another project I can cross off my list: dog bunk bed! I love my dog, but is she a criminal bed hog. At 75lbs she is pretty big, and with another adult in the camper it was starting to feel a bit cramped. She starts the night in a neat little ball, but by morning there would inevitably be dog paws in my face. Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out. It makes the bed feel a lot roomier and keeps the pup off of our legs.

I more or less followed instructions posted on facebook by someone making this for a 2016 tag max ( . The A/C unit must stick out further in my 2020 5wide, because I could not place the poles as wide as they did. I had to place the poles on the horizontal cross pieces to avoid running into the A/C unit.

Materials needed:
(2) 2x4x8’
(1) 2x6 (need min of 4.25ft)
Poles to support the sides of the hammock. (I used strong galvanized steel poles, but could use closet poles or something similar. If you can easily flex the pole it won’t be strong enough)
Saw to cut poles to length
Heavy duty open closet pole sockets
Sturdy non-stretchy fabric for hammock (I used two layers of outdoor fabric)
Optional - pocket hole jig (not needed but made it easier and makes a strong joint)

Horizontal pieces -
(2) 2x4 pieces cut to 25.5”
(2) 2x6 pieces cut to 25.5”
Vertical pieces -
(4) 2x4 pieces cut to 24”

Assemble wood pieces with pocket holes and screws. Determine location for pole sockets and attach them. Measure and cut stretcher poles to length. To make the hammock I used two layers of sturdy outdoor fabric. I attempted using one layer first and it was too weak and would sag under the weight of the dog.

First I cut the fabric to the appropriate length and seamed the ends. Next I created a sleeve for the pole by folding over one side and double stitching down the length of the fabric. I measured the width between the two poles and then shortened that slightly (~0.5”), so the hammock would be pulled as tight as possible. If your fabric has a lot of stretch you will need to shorten the width more. I made a sleeve on the other side but only did one stitch. Once I tested and confirmed that I had the width right I doubled stitched the remaining side.

Lastly, I sanded it and painted it white so it would blend in a little more with the walls.

2020 Tag BD 5W, 2018 RAV4 Adventure, PA


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