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New to teardrops, and we've always previously camped in tents. Since picking up our 2015 [email protected], I have been researching various places for us to visit this summer. I have noticed when making online reservations for sites at our state parks and other campgrounds, many ask what type of unit you will be bringing, with dropdown menu selections including tent, trailer, popup, and rv. When I reserved our site for our first outing this coming weekend, I wasn't really sure what to select. From a size standpoint, popup or trailer would make sense, but it isn't a popup, and I was not sure if trailer is appropriate as I always think of cargo/utility trailers for that, and not something you sleep in.

I thought I would have my answer when I went to the BMV this past weekend to register it and get plates. But alas, the nice woman helping me, asked me what it was. She said, "I would think it would be an RV, but it was previously registered as a trailer." I showed her a picture of it, hooked up to my Jeep for scale. She asked 3 other people; they didn't know. She disappeared for a while, presumably looking things up or calling another branch, and still wasn't sure what to do. Eventually, another woman, presumably a supervisor, came out. She asked to see the picture, then asked if it had a bathroom. When I said no, she said let's call it a trailer, then.

Are [email protected] normally registered with the BMV as trailers or RVs? And what do you normally say you have when making reservations at campgrounds? I know it probably doesn't make a lot of difference in reserving a site, but after that BMV experience, I am now curious as to how they are normally classified.

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