Replacing defective outside shower assembly

Getting ready for a cross country trek in 1 month. Last year, our dealer sent us a outside shower assembly on warranty and we're now ready to do the replacement. It looks straight forward but we're just checking for any heads-up advice from you guys. Looks like the screws come out, clean up the caulking, disconnect the assembly from underneath the sink, pull it out, replace, connect, caulk and replace screws. Is that basically it? (2020 nuCamp [email protected])


  • csonnicsonni Member Posts: 345

    Well, I thought I'd give it one last try in loosing up the inner brass fitting in the quick disconnect. Put a little bit of heat to it and gave it a few good taps with the proper size nail head and sure enough, I broke it free. Sprayed in some Deep Creep and worked it a bit. The original hose didn't seem to go in without quite a bit of force. Didn't work any better on the new unit, so, I tried the hose that came with the new unit and it works as intended. Hopefully, occasional use will be enough to keep it freed up. A couple hours saved.

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