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I have just purchased a new 2022 TAG XL Boondock. I am a little uncertain as to how the charging system works. The house battery can be charged 3 ways: (1) shore power; (2) by the rooftop solar panel; (3) by the car alternator while driving; Do all 3 methods charge with the battery switch OFF? I thought I read somewhere that the switch should be ON for the TV alternator to charge. I have to assume that the solar panel will charge while using the battery and the switch is obviously on.


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    The factory installed solar is wired directly to the battery and is not impacted by the switch.
    The switch turned “off” isolates the battery from shorepower, 7 pin charging and from parasitic battery drain due to various devices that constantly draw power (USBs, LEDS, etc). Not only does the switch turned “on” allow for charging via the 7 pin, but it is required for the emergency break-away brakes to receive power in the event of a complete separation from the TV. So, yes, always tow with the switch turned “on”.

    (And just to be complete - make sure you have an installed charge wire as part of your hitch harness. I’ve heard more than a few stories of owners discovering a charge wire was not included in their hitch installation.)

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