The rental car and the bison

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Our recent (ongoing) sortee to TRNP has not been without incident. My Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk blew its PTU in the middle of nowhere between Bismark and Dickinson, North Dakota. One of the first things to know about North Dakota is that the middle of nowhere covers a large geographical area. With the help of the state patrol, we secured a tow to Dickinson, then my brother-in-law (we are traveling together) pulled our trailer the 37 miles to the campground. We secured a rental car. It's a new-ish Toyota Camry. No problem. The Jeep dealer in Dickinson has the Jeep and it should be in fine shape soon. We took the Camry on a day trip to the north unit of TRNP for a look around. I've never driven a vehicle more intent on keeping me safe. Any infraction of driving etiquette sends the car into fits of beeps, chimes, warning lights and steering vibrations that would do a nuclear submarine proud.

We are creeping along the park road at 20 mph when we get into the middle of a herd of bison. We're behind another, stopped car. I decide to quietly back up. Momma bison with calf in tow decides to cross the road behind us, setting off a cacophony of bells, chimes, klaxons and racket from said safety devices. This rouses the immediate interest of the alpha bull who charges over to have a look in my window. Unable to quell the klaxons and bells, I slip the car into park and shut it off. Like my 13 year old son, the bull goes from a state of agitation to complete apathy, eventually loses interest, and saunters off.

Note to self: When in a herd of bison, shut the car off.....


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