Sizing Solar Power Systems (Simple Spreadsheet)

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For my own amusement, I put together a simple spreadsheet which can calculate estimated battery, solar panel and solar controller needs based off of usage load in watts.
This is a very simple approach to calculating needs.
The spreadsheet is just a rough starting point to view potential solar power requirements. The file also includes a tab/sheet of instructions. (Below is a screenshot of the excel file)
The file is an example of why my solar system (100Ah lithium battery and 100-watt solar suitcase) can't keep up over time (5 plus days) running my refrigerator (47-watts) and other draws such as Fan-Tastic Vent fan (26-watts) during extended time boondock camping. (I really need more solar panels for a 100Ah battery)
Note: If powering 120-volt items such as air conditioning or microwave, one may also need to factor in the power consumption of an inverter and potentially the [email protected] converter.
I am not an expert, the spreadsheet may contain typing, formula or logic errors.
» Please let me know if you find any.
I have included two spreadsheets. One for estimating solar power system needs and the other is a listing of measured power draws of my [email protected]
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Excel Files:
Size Lithium Solar Power System
Trailer Power Usage Log



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    I may want to add some solar panels in parallel to my setup. While a number of calculators are available online, I decided to update my spreadsheet so I could play around with a number of factors.
    This is a simple basic Excel spreadsheet (Easy to use)
    This new update allows one to calculate the power output of adding additional panels in parallel or serial to a setup.
    I currently have two different solar panels with an additional one on the way.
    The spreadsheet allows for efficiency factors for my panels and allows a quick assessment of how things change adding a new panel and/or what happens if just one panel gets shaded, etc.
    » You will need to download the attached Excel spreadsheet to use.
    While cells are protected, the spreadsheet is not password protected.
    A tab with complete instructions is included. (Start reading those first)
    »» Comments are always appreciated. Thanks!

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    Thank you for putting in the work and sharing!

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    I think we may be kindred spirits. I get way too much enjoyment from making various calculators, complex spreadsheets, and models in excel. Thank you for making this and sharing your work. It's awesome!

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