lost running lights

Recently purchased 2020 T@G Boondock - during 1st trip lost my running lights. Backup lights & turn signals OK. Any suggestions?


  • ZombiecatZombiecat Member Posts: 9

    I assume you're referring to the lights on top of the fenders? Yep, happened to me, too. The wires aren't well secured and eventually pop loose, rub against the tires and break. My local NuCamp dealer had seen this before. They replaced the wiring (which included the light fixture, it's all one unit) and properly re-secured it with a protective sheath. Nearly 18K miles later and no problems!

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  • MontanaDryflyguyMontanaDryflyguy Member Posts: 8

    I recently purchased 2021 and had one fender/marker light out. I looked under the chassis and found a broken wire. Reconnected it and works fine, I also secured the wire on both sides under the fender with super strong tape. All good now.

  • CharlieNYCharlieNY Member Posts: 22

    Hi, folks--
    The running light on one fender of my T@G Boondock isn't working. I stopped at a random RV dealer and he said it's not a bulb, but the whole fixture. Said it's a NuCamp part. Has anyone had this problem?

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    Yes, sort of... When I picked my T@G up, one of the fender lights was not working. It turned out to be a broken wire, caused by the lamp being poorly installed at the factory - maybe my camper was built on a Monday morning or late Friday afternoon. The service guys pulled the wheels off, then extended and re-ran the wires on both sides to get them further away from the wheels & suspension. They've worked fine ever since.

    If you can get underneath the camper and investigate the wires, maybe that's what happened to you. You could also try testing the lamp with a 12v battery to see whether it's really dead.

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  • CharlieNYCharlieNY Member Posts: 22

    Thanks, folks. The wire is intact, and it's tight enough not to saga against the wheel. And I'm 200 miles from the NuCamp dealer. Oh, well. This will be a project for the spring.

  • CharlieNYCharlieNY Member Posts: 22

    Y'all were right. On closer inspection, the wheel had broken the wire. If this hasn't happened to you yet, be forewarned and get under the fender behind the wheel and secure those running light wires well away from the tires.

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