Jensen Television Video Input Methodologies

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I was recently asked how I sorted out connecting my phone to the Jenson TV. (Answer = direct wired)
Well to make a short story long, here is how I gained video access to my Jensen JTV19DC Television.
Primary Goal: Get movies, music concerts and other video content stored on my hard drives (up to 3 TB), DVD, Blu-ray, Flash Drives and Android phone to play on Jensen Television using minimal 12-volt power.
While the stock 2018 Jensen [email protected] television does have a USB input, it is not capable of video input.
■ Add switch to shut off 100% of power to television, getting rid of the blue led light which shines while the TV is in off mode.
■ Add a short HDMI extension behind the television to gain easy access.
■ Purchase a small used Sony Blu-ray player which included a USB video input on the front. I cut the power cord from the 12-volt transformer power block and added a 12-volt cigarette lighter attachment to be able to plug directly into my [email protected] 12-volt rear output. (Note: I already had a few of these blu-ray players around the house, so I knew they would fit the bill and used 12-volt as a power source). Power use of Sony Blu-ray, Jensen TV and hard drive is around 22-25 watts.
■ Built and installed a small shelf on the back wall of the [email protected] next to the TV. (Note: this shelf was designed to fit the Sony Blu-ray player and a few other things such as hard drive, phone). The shelf was hung using 3-M command hooks, which has needed to be occasionally reattached. I have taken some very rough roads. Normally I do not travel with the Sony blu-ray player on the shelf. Self is easy to remove and allows access to [email protected] Converter.
■ Purchased a USB C to HDMI adapter to stream via wire directly to the TV. This adapter also has the capability to charge the phone during use. (Note this adapter works for Android phone with a USB C input. Another methodology for an iPhone would be required)
■ Purchased some short HDMI cables along with HDMI adapters to extend the length of the cable as to be able to control while sitting propped up against the headboard.
■ Purchased a Remote Holder and mounted on the side wall near the headboard.
■ Purchased and constructed a TV Antenna to receive local over the air channels.
■ Purchased a Fire Stick 4K to open up ability to stream applications. (Note: I often do not camp where Wi-Fi exists. I also normally do not have the ability of a usable streaming hot spot from my phone). With an Amazon Fire Stick it is possible to be used as an input for a flash drive, but not normally for a hard drive of 1TB.

≡ My method is just one of many possible methods to gain video input into the stock Jensen TV. Replacing the Jensen with a more capable 12-volt TV seems to be in the range of $240 - $369 depending on make and size.
On an aside: I also play my movies through a LG battery operated projector (LG PF50KA) and can extend playing time with an Anker PowerCore III Power Cell and/or with my Renogy Phoenix 300 Power Station.

»» I would appreciate any comments and other methods for watching movies/video inside the [email protected]










LG PF50KA Projector



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    Update: New tests performed indicate that I can mirror or cast from my phone to my Fire TV Stick. This allows connecting from my phone to my Jensen television without direct wire.
    It was a bit unclear if an outside internet Wi-Fi network was necessary, but it appears as if an outside internet Wi-Fi is not required.
    Note: Without outside internet Wi-Fi, one will not be able to get to the "Home" screen on the Fire Stick, but you still can get to "Settings".
    Within "Settings", I go to "Display &Sounds" and down to "Enable Display Mirroring". Then I go to my Android phone quick settings by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers. Swipe left to get to "Smart View" and then tap on the "Smart View" icon. From "Smart View" select the FireTVStick device to mirror your phones screen. Tap on "Start now".

    As I expected, when I set my phone and Fire stick to connect via mirror or casting, it appears to set up and turn on a local Wi-Fi connection between just the phone and Fire Stick.

    I assume this similar process will work with other devices like Roku and Apple iPhones.

    This means I no longer need the direct wire adapter (USB C to HDMI Video Converter), although I will still carry it.

    On an aside, one could also plug in a flash drive into their phone (if a phone port is available) or Fire Stick (with an USB OTG adapter cable) to bring movies or other videos to watch even without cell phone service.
    » If you have any questions about the process, please let me know.

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    We ended up doing away with the Roku and Firestick and I went straight to a HDMI dongle that is compatible with my iPhone. I simply plug in the phone and play directly from my phone. When we have wifi or service, it streams anything I want. When we don't have service, I download movies from Netflix, Amazon and Apple and store them on my phone to watch. It worked great while we were traveling for the year. We always had entertainment even when trapped inside due to rain...even when we were off grid. It takes a bit of planning, but it's a lot better this way than being dependent on wifi or cell service like the Firestick. If the signal is weak, the Firestick is pretty much useless. I don't know what kind of phone you have, but I'd recommend the dongle. It works great. It just requires a bit of planning ahead of time if you'll be in an area with no service.

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    The Total Mount works okay for short period of time. The adhesive did not survive a year in the camper. Between humidity and cold temps, both of ours fell off the walls. If you have a lot of remotes, the best thing to use is a screw mount tray or velcro them inside the hatch where the TV is mounted.

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    The Firestick does not need a WiFi signal to work as a HDMI dongle. You can not get a Firestick home screen, but you can get to "Settings". From that point you can set up the Firestick to mirror any phone. (Most phones less than 7 years old)

    Sorry to learn your Total Mounts did not hold my three have had no issues. I have had to redo some 3M command hooks, but most of them just were reattached and they held.

    Since I have had my 2018 [email protected], I have not put any holes in it. Keeping it as stock as possible. (why? Who knows)

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