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Happy New year to all and thank you for having us aboard this is our beautiful tag purchased this year it’s a 2017 Nucamp Tag and we’re very excited about it,we look forward to seeing and hearing about all the great ideas places to visit, mods and so on,when we saw this one of many others we decided to take the 5 hr drive to go and see it and we loved it the minute we saw it but unfortunately the tongue box was broken off and now we are on a search for a new one,hopefully someone would have an extra one that they would be willing to sell to us and we don’t mind traveling to pick it up.


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    You may be better off looking for an aluminum "truck bed tool box" to mount there instead of the factory box....just a thought.

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    Welcome to the forum! The aluminum boxes will give you more storage options and they hold up better.

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    I bought a 49 in Lund tool box from Home Depot and replaced mine a couple of years ago. Passed the original on to another member of the forum. If you're interested, I'll take and post photos of the finished product. I used the original propane tank mount but manufactured a battery mount due to a physically larger battery. I've since down sized to a 10 lb. propane cylinder, but I was able to close the lid over the 20 lb. Also added a vent so any leaky propane could escape. Added a lot of storage..

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    I fastened the box with 4 bolts with big washers thru holes in the mesh. Drilled the holes from the underside. Used a standard house hold flat air vent with window screen behind it to form a vent for any leaking propane, Cut out and pop riveted

    I pop riveted short pieces of l-shaped aluminum to create a frame for the bottom of the propane tank though for the first year I had it, it was the original 20 lb cylinder. The wire loom behind the propane tank holds 10 ga wires feeding my Norcold directly from the battery.!

    I used slightly stronger aluminum to block in the base of the battery box and bolted on strap for the hold-down.
    And i mounted a 4 in PVC pipe with screw off caps in the space behind the bottom of the box to carry tent and tarp poles.

    I've got space for a tool box, leveling blocks, porta potty, grease gun and extension cords plus miscellaneous bags and the infrared temperature sensor I use to check wheel bearing temperatures at each pit stop..

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