Under bed storage areas

Two questions... Does anyone feel a need to ventilate the storage area to prevent mold issues? I was thinking about drilling some "vent" holes in the lid.... Second, has anyone had any issues with water getting into this storage area either by crossing creeks/shallow rivers etc.? I think a bead of caulking around the base of all the wood dividers would be a good idea... Thanks for your opinions...


  • JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 556

    No water/moisture issues in 4+ years. I have indoor/outdoor carpet over my wood. No need for holes in my mind.

  • GulfCoastGulfCoast Member Posts: 31

    We've yet to go through a humid summer with our T&G, but my concern with mold and mildew is during storage rather than during active use. Rather than drilling holes in the panels, I'm planning to simply prop them open a bit.

    If there's a concern about water intrusion, it would be better to solve it at the exterior openings rather than the inside edges of the dividers.

  • JDWJDW Member Posts: 5

    Thanks for your comments. My concern about water entry into the storage area was based on driving thru high water such as a creek or puddle... I thought that by caulking the wood to the floor areas it would possible prevent any water that found a way into the trailer be kept in just one compartment, not seep thru under the wood into an adjoining storage area... I do not know how "water tight" NuCamp made these trailers... I would suspect that at least the Boondock model would be built to hand some water crossings...

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