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I just installed a BougeRV 26 qt fridge in my '22 Tag Boondock. As I suck at carpentry, I opted to purchase a pre-made fridge slider. The model that Bouge sells is unfortunately too wide to fit into the fridge bin, at 22" wide (they do not show this on their website). I then sourced and ordered an IceCo slider, whose dimensions I could verify and which fit perfectly. I installed the slider on 1x3, with a center block to support where the bin floor is angled.

NuCamp tech support verified the floor material is 1" thick of Fiber and Polycarbonate and can be screwed into, which I did using wood screws. Then I installed the slider. The 1x3 is needed to raise the slider so as to not hit the U shaped latch piece mounted on the kitchen edge. For wiring I noticed the space behind the kitchen USB and cigarette lighter outlets, I pulled that, drilled up into that space from the ceiling of the fridge bin, cut off the cigarette lighter male connector as supplied by Bouge, then hard wired to the feed supplying the kitchen cigarette outlet

As the wiring back to the fuse panel is #14, this should be adequate for the load, which as far as I can tell is about 4 amps on the fridge when running at max. The 26qt is an inch shorter/lower (14.5" high) than a 30 qt (15.5" high), the model I had wanted, but I had a feeling the larger 30 qt might not fit. It's a close thing as when you add height, on top of slider that is raised to clear the hatch latch, you lose depth of the fridge due to the curved shape of the kitchen hatch. My 26qt seems to be just right.

And I have no clue why the images re 90 deg., and no idea how to fix, sorry.


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