Slide out shelf for 2022 Tag Boondock

Prefer the Yeti Tundra to the provided Otterbox? I did and had a Yeti of my own so I finally built a slideout for it and it also works as extra countertop when cooking.

2022 Tag Boondock does not have the restrictive box at the top and back end of the cubby so that made the project easier than past models. 20 inch heavy duty locking drawer glides from Home Depot do the trick. Measuring is of the utmost importance so you can clear the latch on the back lip while taking into account the upslope of the floor. There is a tiny lip on each side of the cubby opening that I had to dremel a bit out so the glide locks would fit perfectly and the install would be square. Restained after dremeling and you can't even notice.

Shelf is 3/4 inch cupboard door cut to size and installed directly onto glides. Making a tray with sidewalls is not needed as the sticky feet on the yeti do not allow it to move around on this surface. Drawer glides lock in 3 positions as well. Also, with no sides, easier for me and my wife to take it all the way out without lifting.

Installed the rails to the walls of the cubby with 3/4 inch screws and the glide to the shelf with 3 inch hi quality screws after predrilling pilot holes. VERY sturdy.

Pictures attached and glad to answer any questions you might have as this project took me a year to think through and actually do it. We love having the ability to open the chest without lifting it down when the drawer is open. I store my shore power cord under it as I left a couple of inches available for it.

Love our Tag and just back from Yellowstone. More adventures to come.

Can't figure out how to rotate some of the pictures


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