How many Amp Hours for Lithium Battery

I know this is a loaded question with several "usage" related options, but in it's simplest form, How many Amp Hour capacity did you choose when you went to Lithium?

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How many Amp Hours for Lithium Battery 8 votes

50 AH
100 AH
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200 AH
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  • JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 629
    100 AH

    I originally went with 100Ah lithium. I am in process of doubling that amount with a self made power box. My box will include a Victron MPPT 100/30 solar controller and 400 watt inverter. The box can operate as a pass through to the T@G or each component can operate independently.

    Unfortunately my project ran across a set back when the battery would not charge. In process of replacement. The 100Ah will run my Norcold refrigerator for about 4 days without solar assist.

  • The_RiggerThe_Rigger Member Posts: 94
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    100 AH

    I also went with a 100Ah lithium cell to replace the 100Ah lead-acid lump without having to also replace the Victron box and/or upgrade to a more-bigger-more-expensiver power center (the lithium-enabled 30-amp WFCO was hard enough to justify). I'm considering the future long-term possibility of adding another 100Ah cell in parallel with the first one, but I want to finish tweaking the original system first, to determine if I really do need that much capacity.

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  • anglachelanglachel Member Posts: 2
    100 AH

    I started with 100ah, worked great for weekend trips, anything to much linger and you'd need solar or shore power. Fit nicely in the front, didn't change the weight much, was a pretty simple upgrade.

    Then it broke and I had to send it back for warranty repair. When they shipped me a replacement back I got 2 100ah batteries, and then the next day I received 2 more.

    My wife said "let's install all of them!" Which counted as permission as far as I was concerned.

    It was a bit more of a project than just swapping out the lead acid battery... But I now have an absolutely excessive 5kwh of batteries in the t@g, 4x100ah batteries.

    Shore power is optional for us now**, if we are staying somewhere more than a week we'll put up the solar suitcases.

    **the stock charger that won't charge the lithium batteries up all the way anyhow.

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