2024 T@G 5 wide Boondock kitchen set-up mysteries.

ragtag2ragtag2 Member Posts: 28
We just took delivery of our first Teardrop (so looking forward to not packing up a wet tent in the morning!) 

Did our shake-down trip last weekend and were faced with two baffling questions.
1) How do you tell the level of the water in that wonderful 23 gallon tank?
2) How do you operate the stove and sink at the same time? The two items are so close together that it is difficult to run the faucet and not have it pour onto/into the burner, or clean it up afterwards... We get that the faucet tilts and swivels. However, the design of this "improvement" leaves us wondering what folks were thinking when the previous models had two burners and a larger sink. 

If anyone has insights on these matters, please share.


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