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awcahoonawcahoon Member Posts: 2
Hi I just purchased a 2021 Tag. I have no previous experience with any kind of RV or camper.  I'm unsure of when it's important to turn the battery disconnect switch off. I understand that it needs to be on for charging and supplying power. If someone could help clear that up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. For what it's worth, my trailer will be stored in my garage and will not be exposed to extreme heat or cold when not in use.


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    zgfiredudezgfiredude Member Posts: 211
    Yes to what you are thinking, and you will want it ON when towing so that the tow vehicle will charge the battery, and so that the trailer brakes will work. Basically, you want it ON when attempting to charge the battery via solar or shore power AND when attempting to utilize it as a power source. It connects and disconnects the battery from the trailer.

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    Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Administrator Posts: 639
    @awcahoon - as zgfiredude noted, leave the battery switch on while charging via the TV or shorepower and for powering the break-away brakes.  If you are not running off battery or charging, turn the switch off to prevent draining the battery from phantom sources. In between trips or storing longer term, best to fully charge the battery, then turn off the switch.

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    GigHarborBoondockGigHarborBoondock Member Posts: 4
    Newbie here, but doing a lot of reading..... My 2018 Manual says "The charge in the 12-volt batteries can be 
    replenished, depending on the tow vehicle, from the tow vehicle alternator through the 7-way cord. This charge will flow to the batteries regardless of the battery disconnect switch position."
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    The_RiggerThe_Rigger Member Posts: 156
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    That depends on how the 7-way pigtail is wired on the trailer; most trailers have the 12V feedline from the tow vehicle wired directly into the trailer battery (our T@Gs should all be wired this way), but some have the 12V feedline from the tow vehicle wired through the switch. You should also have 12VDC power from the tow vehicle going to your trailer brakes regardless of whether the switch is on or off, for safety's sake.
    The advantage of towing with the switch turned on is that any 12V kitchen appliances you have - like a fridge or powered icebox - will be powered up from the tow vehicle while you're underway, so any cold food & drinks you're carrying in the camper will actually be cold when you get to your campsite.
    Personally, my T@G's battery is switched off when the camper is parked between trips or when it's in storage. Otherwise I turn it on when I load up for a trip and leave it on 'til I get home and unload.

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