Our 2024 Boondock 5 wide gets a 2 burner sink stove upgrade.

The backstory: our new T@G came with some "upgrades and advancements" that left us scratching our heads...  The biggest was, the (tiny) single burner stove/sink combination. Both items could not be used at the same time. So, a little research led me to Panther RV products (can't say enough good things about my experience with Panther buying the 2 burner version of what NuCamp installed.)  The CAN srl FL1410 is the same width as the original single burner model, it's just a little under 8" longer. 

Today was the big day, take out the old unit, cut some of the cabinet/counter and install the bigger/badder/better 2 burner unit, which also has a larger sink. Faucet and sink drain swapped out without any issues. Plumbing in the gas line necessitated an extra trip to the hardware store. We installed the new unit without the glass cover (that blocks the backsplash/storage/hanging options) this opened up 8 holes we could use for a much more secure mounting of the sink/stove. We also installed magnetic stainless steel backsplash (a Braun product which Lowe's carries) on the bulkhead.

Factory installed unit with one burner and a tiny sink and even though the faucet swivels and tilts water gets all over the burner space.

Here are the two units belly up on the work table. 

Original unit removed (4 screws, 3 hoses, and the drain disassembled) and careful templates made and traced onto existing counter. Here is the counter in mid-cut, with sawdust (glitter) everywhere.

The sink in the 2 burner unit extends into the space where the microwave sat so the partition need some trimming as well. This had to be cut in place because the lowest screw into the bulkhead is under the "floor" of the cabinet. 

Here's the results of the first 6 hours...  Half the back splash installed, new sink (much more realistic size) and two burners. Yay!

Still to do: another sheet of backsplash for over the prep-counter, right hand cupboard becomes drawer space/storage. Some folks (@Gnomy, I salute you and your efforts) in this forum have done a great job of showing efficient ways of making great use of this center cabinet space.


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    JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 648
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    What a great upgrade to a 2024.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    The_RiggerThe_Rigger Member Posts: 156
    Nice work! I can't believe they thought the single-burner combo was appropriate.

    Dave in Michigan
    '21 T@G XL
    "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." ~ The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

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    ragtag2ragtag2 Member Posts: 28
    NuCamp Customer Service/Experience surprised me by taking ownership of this. Particularly in light of their 2024 marketing products showcasing the 5 wide with a 2 burner stove. I'll be boxing and shipping the single-burner combo back to them and get reimbursed...  price difference between the two units is about $30. So, call me a happy camper!

    Sure looks better after sunset... like so many things in life.

    Today we finished installing second stainless sheet for the backsplash. Also decided to try the microwave area as an open storage space for "taller items" this summer to see whether we really wanted a utensil drawer or not.

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    robteroyrobteroy Member Posts: 6
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