Should the solenoid for gas valve to the stove feel really hot? (2024 T@G Boondock 5 wide)

When I replaced my sink/stove combo last weekend, there was a period of time when I could not get the stove to light (forgot the step 1 of press down on the burner control valve before twisting, doh!) My trouble shooting efforts had me crawling under the trailer following gas lines from tank to stove.

Voila, in the middle of the underbelly there is a tee for the stove and aux gas supply (future mini-Weber of my dreams). The stove line goes from rubber to copper and has the nifty shut-off feature so you don't close the kitchen with the stove still burning away. (Yay safety!) This solenoid valve was really hot (as in too hot to keep your hand on for more than 5 sec). I'll get the IR thermometer on it this weekend... and include a photo. It is mounted on a piece of aluminum angle bar which might be an adequate heat sink.

Anybody else notice this on their unit?  (Is this another upgrade for 2024?) Is this normal? To be expected? 

Yours in T@Gging for the long haul...


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