Dexter Lift Kit

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Just installed the Dexter lift kit on my [email protected] in between snow storms. Have it under a carport, but funny how snow seems to fall sideways :) It gave me a 2-5/8” lift. Made the tire fit the fender wheel well better. Replaced tires—same size, but load range D. DW didn’t want to go the Boondock look. This is a noticeable difference in height, so I shouldn’t have to worry about the spare tire anymore. Received from nuCamp the Mandy lea TV cabinet mod and license plate relocation. Easy jobs, just need the weather to cooperate. Also have enroute Dexter electric brakes/drums. Needed to get this done this year because I live in the Rockies. It’s hard on my truck going down steep grades or if I had to stop quick. Will post some pics as I go further along. The Dexter lift kit was item K71-723-01 for #9 torflex dexter axle. Also closest nuCamp dealer to me sucks, had to go to one further away—Bretz RV, they bent over backwards to assist me and got my parts ordered within 2 hours. The other place, I was waiting 3 weeks for just a response on price, and they kept blaming nuCamp.

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2017 [email protected] XL MAX—Lifted
2015 Tacoma TRD 4x4 Off-Road V6


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