Yeti Cooler vs Norcold Freezer

So the 2020 Boondock Lite comes with a Yeti Cooler instead of the Norcold refrigerator. Found a 2019 Boondock edge with the norcold, and awning for $1600 more. That’s $1600 for a year older model but with norcold 12 volt cooler and awning. How well do you guys like your Norcold fridge? Or would you just as soon have a Yeti cooler? Also, how well do you like your awning? Or does it and the rack just make more wind resistance and decrease your gas mileage? I will be boondocking some and on the road some. Yeti cooler just sounds simpler since I will have to buy some kind of solar panel to keep the battery charged enough to run that refrigerator. Thanks for your input!


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