Single running light on.

I have a single light that is one when I am hooked to shore power. It is one of the 3 red lights above the rear hatch on my TAG XL2018. I am sure it is not suppose to be on, but I am unsure how to trouble shoot this issue. I have never noticed this before. New to owing an RV.


  • konjurerkonjurer Member Posts: 5

    Had this happen over the weekend. All three running lights on the back were on, although dimly. Thought it may be a feature I didn't know about. The night it happened it rained very hard. The next night these lights were no longer on.

  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Administrator Posts: 625

    The damp 7 pin is the culprit. This just happened to the led running lights of a TaB owner at uCamp. It resolved after a period of dry heat.

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  • dpyo4812dpyo4812 Member Posts: 15

    That was my problem, water had gotten into my 7 way plug. Followed the suggestion of swinging it around. Problem solved. Thanks all for suggestions. “Answers “

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