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  • danjbrendel

    Hi ElPhoenix. I'm brand new to this forum. Sorry to bother you, looks like lots of people have already asked you about your shade setup. Are you glad you went with the batwing awning? My wife and I bought a [email protected] last year, love it, have been thinking about a shade solution for awhile. We like really like your setup in your photos, we're just trying to decide if it's worth the money! Would you do it again? Has it been holding up well, durable construction? Do you like the passenger side batwing specifically, as opposed to driver side, would you buy that option again? Thank you!

    September 18
    • ElPhoenix
      Greetings! I oddly sent a response, but it appears to have been lost. So, here goes again:

      The Batwing is pricey, but well worth every penny including the extra time and effort we spent modifying and lifting the awning. We eventually purchased four walls and the only regret there is that walls with a door/window came out after we had already purchased two without and I would prefer all four had doors. Originally we bought the third and fourth for winter camping, but now we use them all the time. The awning with all four walls definitely enhances camping in any type of weather and also adds privacy.

      We went with the passenger side awning so that the hoses and power cords wouldn't interfere with our living space. That's turned out to be the best decision. Also, on our last trip I broke down and bought the matching floor and that was yet another game changer.

      I guess all together we spent about $2,000, but it has been more than worth it. The added comfort and living space privacy has been the biggest influence getting my significant other to travel as long and often as I want to. It also helps mitigate mosquitos.

      If you go this route, make sure you buy extra hinges (Batwing Pole Service Kit).

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.
  • racpat

    Thanks ElPhoenix. So did you re-use the pipe that came with the trailer and basically replaced the small wheel by bolting two 10" tires to the outsides of the bracket?

    August 4
  • albutzer

    Do you have landing gear parts list? - need to do this!

    July 2
    • racpat
      Hi ElPhoenix, i am also interested in how you made the "landing gear". The small plastic wheel just does not roll in dirt or gravel. Thanks!
    • ElPhoenix
      Landing Gear
      I got the parts at Harbor Freight and Lowe's.
      -2 × 10 inch tires (6 or 8 inch tires also work well) with 5/8 inch center axle diameter.
      -1 × 1/2 hex bolt 8 inches long, 1/2 in. diameter
      -4 x 1/2 washer
      -1 × 1/2 lock nut