Battery Drain

We are trying to figure out how to charge our battery with shoreline. We bought our Tag 2 weeks ago. First trip we had shore power. Stored our trailer as is in the garage. This weekend we had a basic campsite. While camping the 2 days we had our battery switched to on the entire weekend. Used it for charging phone, water pump, etc. Sunday morning we had no power. The battery had died. What gives? Newbie here trying to understand why the solar panel wasn't charging the battery.


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    What specific battery do you have? What solar panel and solar controller?

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    Need more information.
    What year tag?
    How old is your battery?
    How did you know the battery was fully charged?
    Do you have something to know your voltage?

    I purchased my 2018 used and changed out the Super Start battery within the first two years. Got a Interstate battery from CostCo ($78.99). Been doing very well since I got it. The CostCo Interstate battery weighed 10 pounds more than the original [email protected] Super Start. A lot more lead. If it lasts 3 years, I will be happy.
    I use a Renogy solar suitcase while camping. At home, I charge and maintain with a Schumacher Charger and Maintainer. Saves wear and tear on the [email protected] controller.
    Should not matter much, but I have more faith in a dedicated unit.

    Be aware that the water pump does draw more than you might think.
    Hope to lean more information.
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    We have a 2021 [email protected] XL BD with a solar package - not sure what the mfg is of this panel at the moment. and the there isn't a controller. That i am aware of.
    Our battery came with -its a CrossCountry Marine Battery DC24 came new. Mfg of Tag june 2020.
    Update: Battery was reading 13.6 when we got home. No power to lights etc, shore power all night. Battery 13.6 AM still no power to lights etc. . Came home from work bought a charger. disconnected Battery 13.6 nothing to charge. Put battery back in...everything has power. its all good. The question is why was there no power at the campsite.
    Do we just carry on happy there is power or is there an underlying understanding we need to have or is there an actual issue.

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    You should have a controller if you have a factory mounted panel. It is possible that you can only connect to a display via a phone app.

    Not sure how you were checking the voltage, but if you used a plug in meter while connected to shorepower, it will read 13.6 v. That is the the voltage coming out of the converter.

    When you say basic campsite, do you mean no shorepower? So, you were able to use the battery and the next morning you had no power, but when you got home, you tested the battery and it was 13.6? Is it possible it charged via solar and alternator on the way home?

    The only thing I can think of is the battery terminal connections were loose and you had intermittent current.

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    A normal 12 volt flooded or wet cell battery should not be measuring at 13.6 volts by itself. A full battery should, after sitting for around 60/120 minutes should measure in the range of 12.9/12.8 volts. A fully discharged at around 11.4 volts.
    A measurement of 13.6, to me, means that something else is hooked up to the battery, such as solar or the [email protected] converter. When checking, make sure you are disconnected from shore power and your solar, then wait and check your battery.
    While completely disconnected, if you are getting a reading showing charged, then make sure your battery switch is turned to ON and see if you are getting power to your interior lights and fantastic-vent fan. If not, check the fuse at the battery and then in the converter box.
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    So... previous poster’s comments are spot on. You really need to find the controller instructions. Nucamp or dealer should provide. Controllers don’t always “just work”. Also DC24 is just a physical size of battery (I believe) and doesn’t indicate the specific model. My camper came with a “dual” use battery that had cold cranking amps for starting and some level of usable amps. It did neither well. I’ve since switched to two 6v golf cart deep cycle batteries and they hold a lot more usable capacity.

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    13.3 is the shore charge level, it will drop to 12.7 when on the battery

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    We spent a 6 days dry camping this time. There was nothing wrong with the battery or solar panel. User error!! The first time we had a 12v cooler chilling for hours. Left the hatch open and charged an iPad and phone. Where do you draw the line? Lol. 6 days we had sufficient energy. Lessons learned.

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