Blowing 15A USB Outlet Fuse

LovelandPaulLovelandPaul Member Posts: 7

I have just recently developed and issue on our 2021 [email protected] Boondock XL. It seems that every time I turn on the battery power or connect to shore power, the 15A USB Outlet fuse blows. On a few occasions I was able to successfully replace the fuse once the power was up and running, but now it seems that the circuit blows no matter what.

There is nothing plugged into the USB outlet in the cabin or in the kitchen.

I know folks have experienced issues with the USB outlets failing, but has anyone had issues where this circuit blows the fuse consistently?



2021 TAG XL Boondock


  • JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 443

    I did not run into a fuse problem when my USB ports failed.
    It is easy to unplug the USB in the back and see if that solve the problem.
    If it does, it sounds like they need to be replaced.

    This was my fix.
    Sorry you are experiencing problems with such a new trailer.

  • LuckyJLuckyJ Member Posts: 1,201

    Yep, if they blow, you have a short circuit within that line.

  • LovelandPaulLovelandPaul Member Posts: 7

    Update: Issue fixed, but not solved.

    I pulled the electrical panel and disconnected the two leads to both USB outlets in an effort to isolate which was causing the problem. Also inspected the wires (where I could) for any wear or evidence of shorts - all good. After connecting each of the two leads independently to the 12V line from the electrical panel and testing, I did not experience a blown fuse. I went back to connecting both leads to the 12V line (as originally wired) and NO BLOWN FUSE?!?. Reconnected everything and tested again - all good.

    Guessing that in my efforts to inspect the wires, I may have repositioned the wire somewhere which may have eliminated the short.

    2021 TAG XL Boondock

  • LuckyJLuckyJ Member Posts: 1,201

    @LovelandPaul this is very possible.

    I do not know about other RV manufacturer, but I know nucamp use a type of wire splice (guillotine type) that are not accepted in tge transport industrie (like bus, trains, etc) cause they are unreliable and brake/cut tge wires strands and can corode in time. This is just to give an idea the electricity in those can be an isue.

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