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I have a [email protected] xl can I pull it safely with a Subaru crosstrek?


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    The TaG XL dry weight is almost 1400#. Add a full 20# propane tank (35#) and gear and you will easily exceed the 1500# Crosstrek tow capacity and tongue weight limit of 150#. Better to not max out your tow capacity.

    The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek has a maximum towing capacity of 1,500 pounds.

    The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid has a maximum towing capacity of 1,000 pounds.

    Trim Engine- 2020 Towing capacity - 2021 Towing capacity

    Base 2.0L H4 Engine 1,500 lbs 1,500 lbs
    Premium 2.0L H4 Engine 1,500 lbs 1,500 lbs
    Sport 2.5L H4 Engine N/A 1,500 lbs
    Limited 2.5L H4 Engine 1,500 lbs 1,500 lbs
    Hybrid 2.0L Hybrid H4 Engine 1,000 lbs 1,000 lbs

    Extra Crosstrek Towing Tips

    Crosstrek models equipped with BSD (Blind Spot Detection) and RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) will want to turn these features turned off. These systems operate on radar waves and may not work properly if blocked by a trailer.
    The 2021 Crosstrek maximum tongue weight of 150 lbs with tongue weight between 8 to 11 percent of total trailer weight.
    The 2021 Crosstrek maximum towing capacity is reduced to 750 lbs for continuously uphill drives longer than 5 miles.

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    I believe the published dry weight for our 2017 [email protected] XL is a bit less than 1,200 lbs. We do not transport water in our tank and we've switched from the 20 lb. LP tank to a few 1 lb. bottles per trip. We do load a bunch of gear and stuff in the [email protected] though. I've towed our [email protected] with our 2016 Crosstrek up and down the North Georgia mountains and across the Southeast without any issues. Actually it seems like our Crosstrek tows it a little better than our 2019 Outback. Just our experience.

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