Soon to be owner - just glad to be here!

Pup7Pup7 Member Posts: 4

Hi! I'm an Air Force nurse currently stationed in Washington State. I'm finally going to buy a [email protected] in the next three months - it would've been sooner but I just found out I'm going to New Mexico for 10 weeks on a temporary assignment. I've been in WA for almost five years (a long time for an officer!) and only got into camping and hiking in the last 18 months when I finally bought a Subaru (I have assimilated into the local scenery except for my license plates and my accent, LOL- I'm from North Carolina). My husband planted the idea of a trailer a few months ago, and I've decided the [email protected] is for me. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you and maybe even meeting some of you some day!


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