Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

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I was in the process of looking at replacing the fire extinguisher in my 2018 [email protected]
A small extinguisher should be good for 10-12 years, but I like to keep things safe.
I found out that the maker: Kidde has a recall on the unit in my trailer.
I called Kidde (855-271-0773) and they confirmed and noted that they would send out a replacement in 4-6 weeks.
they also would include a pre-paid label to return the old, recalled unit. [UPDATE: Replacement came in 6 days]
Guess they want them out of circulation due to liability concerns.

The recall involves two styles of Kidde extinguishers: plastic handle and push-button.
The recall reportedly involves 134 models of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured between 1/1/73 and 8/15/17, this includes some models that were previously recalled (2009 and 2015).
The color of the extinguishers are noted as either red or white and silver.
The types are either ABC- or BC-rated.

My extinguisher was Model: FF 210D-1 (No. C87205990)
Made in Mexico with a stamped number of 1329072174.
(Made 03/13/17 per the code "07217") Seventy second day of 2017.

Just by chance (5/19/22) I noted that CostCo had a First Alert fire extinguisher on sale for $11.99.
My quick measurements indicated that it would fit into the existing [email protected] extinguisher bracket holder.
I will keep it in the galley for safe keeping.

Always keep in mind that a small 5 lb. extinguisher has a range of 5-20 feet and will discharge for only 8-20 seconds.
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