Norcold NRF30 in 2015 T@G is erroring out with low voltage error

The fridge errors out with the low voltage error on both battery (new camper battery installed) and on shore power with the switch in position 3 as recommended by the manufacturer. The fridge works just fine connected directly to an ordinary household outlet and it works just fine connected directly to the camper battery. But, when going through the camper power converter (WFCO model WF-8725-P) it errors out. This leads me to believe the power converter is faulty but I wondered if anyone else has had this issue and what you did to fix it. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  • JamesDowJamesDow Member Posts: 629

    The first thing I would do is measure the 12 volt output of the battery and T@G converter. Easy to do with a $20 multimeter. I would then check the plug output going to the Norcold. If the voltage is at the expected values, then I would turn my checking to the Norcold. Feel free to change the Low Battery Shut Off Switch and see if that makes any difference. Below is a conversation re that switch.

    Good luck. Keep us posted on your outcome.

  • TAGinDenverTAGinDenver Member Posts: 3

    Thanks James. I have conducted all of those tests, and more! Everything is in range. I also tested different settings on the the fridge when it is connected to the camper power converter and it consistently fails. As noted, the fridge runs just fine connected directly to the battery and connected directly to household AC so I don't think it is the fridge. All indications are the power converter but before I replace it I was hoping someone else had this problem and could share what they did.

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    I ran 10 GA wires directly from the battery to the back of the 12V receptacle in the cooking area in our 2016 T@G. Definitely helped

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  • TAGinDenverTAGinDenver Member Posts: 3

    Ras - That's an interesting solution. Thanks for sharing.

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    A 2015 here with the same issue. I replaced the WFCO25 with a PD 4135 for the lithium option. While doing that I ran 10ga ground and hot wire to the Norcold. The original wiring was too small and too many grounds tied to a single 16ga return. Never had a problem since.

    Your only as good as the smallest wire.

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    I had a few random errors with the Norcold - 2016 here. Found that the 20A fuse was 'false positive' - replaced it and the battery terminal lug was replaced, with a better crimped lug. Seems to run well now, will also consider 10AWG if anything barfs again, it's a nice fridge otherwise.

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    Your WFCO probably isn't faulty, but your wiring is...

    Not a Norcold, but FWIW I got similar error messages from my Iceco fridge when I installed it this past spring. it was definitely starved for power. I ran a new 10ga. copper B+ wire from the fridge to the battery, and all the troubles disappeared, as if by magic.

    IMNSHO, nüCamp uses undersized wiring in their trailers. I'd replace every inch of it with decent 12ga.-or-better copper if I could reach it all, but I'd have to have 10'-long arms with at least two more elbows in each arm to reach some of the stuff they used on my camper.

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