Roof-Mounted Solar Panel to Supplement Solar Suitcase

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I'm considering mounting a 23" x 43" 100W flexible solar panel to the roof of out T&G to supplement the output from the 100W solar suitcase we're using. I'd move the charge controller from the suitcase to the tongue box and parallel connect the inputs from roof panel and the SAE connector for the ground-mounted panel.

I'm loathe to drill holes in the roof, so I'm considering a better grade hook & loop fastener (such as VELCRO Brand Extreme Outdoor Heavy Duty Tape) to attach the panels and adhesive-backed anchors and wire ties to secure the panel wiring. A continuous piece of Velcro on the leading edge in conjunction with EternaBond tape to close the gap should prevent any wind lifting.

I've benefited greatly from the collective wisdom of this group on a number of other mods, so I thought I'd toss this out to see if anyone has tips, suggestions, or cautions that I should consider. I don't have access to a NuCamp trailer with factory-installed panels, so input from anyone who does would be appreciated.

My thanks to all in advance.


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