List of Accessories, what I got so far...

I just got a 2020 [email protected] Edge and thought this list of gear I've been getting might be useful. I hope you enjoy it. (I don't get credit for the links; I only wanted to help you save some time since I spent so much doing research). You probably already have this gear. I'm just a newbie who needed to go shopping and had savings for it. Feel free to let me know any thoughts and suggestions.


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    Thanks for sharing your list.
    On the things you are thinking of getting, my top choices would be a refrigerator/freezer like the Norcold 30, A lithium battery like the brand you mention and a generator.
    I think I would stay away from a 12-volt heater, as they consume too much energy. A small 360 watt one would pull in the range of 30 amps (12 volt). On a cold night/morning, you would likely burn through your full battery capacity. As a comparison, a Norcold NRF-30 uses around 4.3 amps.
    If you were to get a lithium battery, you may wish/need to consider a solar panel with a controller. The need for another solar panel would depend on the type of camping you do and if your current 100-watt panel for your Jackery could be adapted for your trailer. (You should be able to add a controller for <$55) If your camping is without shore power for multiple days in a row a passive method of recharging your trailer battery with a solar panel is better in my mind than running a generator or your vehicle for recharge purposes.
    As for a generator, take a look at what accessories you want to power at the same time. For me it is really just the AC unit. (I have a 5-wide with no microwave). My AC pulls a little less than 500 watts (110-volt). The converter pulls another 15 watts. My generator is a propane powered 700/900 watt unit. It does the trick, but a little more would allow for some more breathing room. You may be able to get by with a 1,400 watt generator. The difference using Predator as an example, could save $150 and reduce the weight from 49lbs. to 33lbs.
    Happy camping, and once again thanks for your listing along with the appropriate links. Good Job!

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    Thanks for the very helpful list of accessories! I just bought a TAG 2022 with the boondock and convenience packages and am getting accessories. Here are a few notes:

    1. This might be better option for a refrigerator: ACOPower LiONCooler 42 Qt. Battery Powered Portable Chest Fridge Freezer with 10+ Hour Run Time and DC/AC Solar Panel. At least, I'm considering it.
    2. I just bought this wheel lock: Trimax TCL75 Deluxe Universal Wheel Chock Lock-Yellow/Red.
    3. I substituted this battery for the one that would have been supplied by NuCamp.: Renogy Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt 100Ah Battery w/Box.
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    2016 TAG XL made by Little Guy now NuCamp modifications so far:

    new axle and electric brakes , roof rack, Storage cabinet behind tv, headboard 12v/usb plug, roof rack, platform with new lp storage box , Froli bed support.

    this year adding roof solar, AGM batteries upgrade , door storage netting, and 2 matching side storage boxes for platform.

    we have the clam shell tent and want the King Camp car canopy for the rear hatch.

    We usually travel 3 months at a time every year and love it.

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    I just bought a 2020 Boondock Edge, and installed a BougeRV 28 L fridge/freezer. Love it! Lightweight, and since I live in TX, a cooler doesn't cut it for perishables. I'll mostly stay at electric sites until cooler weather. TY for your list!

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