Awning Options

Hi all!

I’m new to the forum (go easy on me 😬). I’ve searched through a bunch of posts and read some general comments and discussion about awnings. I know I would like one, but unsure of which to get. Going from memory, it seems the clear choices are ARB 2500, Rhino Rack Batwing, Yakima Side Awning (SlimShady?), and some interesting DIY options. I’m not the DIY type, so I’m looking to buy. Are there other good contenders I’m missing? I’m not ready for a room yet, and need to be able to set it up solo. I also like the idea of the galley being covered, so suggestions for a rear awning are appreciated. It will all be going on a 2019 T@G XL.

Also, any favorite sites/sources that sell these awnings? I do a lot on amazon, but haven’t had much luck finding them there.




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